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Indigenous women's organizations leading local projects
The support given by the Indigenous Women’s Fund to local organizations is in most cases the first one they ever receive. For this reason, FIMI considers its support as a seed that facilitates the access to other opportunities.

Our Partners:

1. La Organización Nacional de Mujeres Indígenas Andinas y Amazónicas, (ONAMIAP) Perú - Project: Planificación Estratégica Trianual del ONAMIAP y equipamiento de comunicación.
2. Ixmucane A.C, Formación y Asesoría Jurídica de México - Project: Capacitación y Fortalecimiento a Mujeres Indígenas Lideres.
3. Consejo Nacional de la Mujer Indígena (CONAMI) de Argentina - Project: EDMI su Circular Espíritu de Aprender a Vivir en Armonía.
4. La Asociación Indígena Páez- Cabildo Indígena Nasa De Bogotá – Colombia - Project: Formación en Tradiciones Indígenas y Etnoculturales.
5. Femmes Autochtones Du Quèbec Inc (FAQ) de Canadá - Project: Guide d`intervention en matiere d`agression sexuelles.

1. Youth Empowerment And Child Labour Elimination PROJECT (YCEP) de Nigeria - Project: Increasing the economic livelihoods of single young mothers through comprehensive microenterprise and business development training in ogoni community.
2. Gurmuu Development Association (Gurmuu) de Etiopía - Project: Socioeconomic Support to Indigenous Women Self Help Organizations.
3. Northern Sector Action On Awareness Center (NORSAAC) de Ghana - Project: Ending Cries of Community Women’s leaders Project.
4. Center for Human Rights and Peace Advocacy (CHRAPA) de Camerún - Project: Enforcing the Capacities of Mbororo women in Bainjong as a means of empowerment.
5. Peasant Women’s Association for Rural Development (PWARD) de Uganda - Project: Domestic Violence.

1. Mahila Jaagaran Sahayog Samuha (Women’s Awareness Support Group) de Nepal - Project: Capacity Building of Indigenous Women for Accessing Rights and Resources.
2. Institute for Electronic Governance (IEG) de India - Project: Special Training Program in Information Technology and Communications for Indigenous Women.
3. Hoadedhdhdoo Association for Development (HAD) de Maldives - Project: Empowering Women Organizations to increase their participation development.

Please click the link below to see a brief description and pictures of the selected projects. It is important to mention that all the projects have been designed by the organizations and they lead the processes of execution and accountability.

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