Global School

Global Leadership School of Indigenous Women

One of the priorities of the global movement of indigenous women is the training, strengthening and building of capacities in order for indigenous women to have the tools they need to defend and claim their rights, as well as to be better prepared for decision-making in various spaces.

The Global Leadership School of Indigenous Women is a process that we have been building over several years. It was strengthened in 2013 with the implementation of the International Program on Human Rights and Advocacy Strategies.

Over 140 indigenous women activists and leaders from Africa, Asia, the Arctic, the Americas and the Pacific have participated in the program.

Stages of the Program

The first stage is theoretical and includes online learning as well as in-person seminars at Columbia University and the United Nations. 

The second stage is based on participation, with women leaders actively participating in the sessions of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues. 

Through the Global School, the participants strengthen their knowledge of international human rights instruments and their articulation through the development and implementation of advocacy strategies.

The participants are selected by an Advisory Council made up of women with extensive experience in training and/or advocacy processes in the global arena.