Strategic programs

Advocacy an Policy

We are a platform that makes the leadership of Indigenous Women visible, facilitating full and effective participation, for the incidence of rights, in decision-making spaces at the regional and international levels, monitoring international commitments and strengthening the networks of indigenous women and organizations.

We are confident in the importance of solidarity in the construction of movements, as well as its strengthening through strategic alliances with other social movements and interested sectors, such as United Nations Agencies and regional networks of Indigenous Women around the world.

Global School

The Global School is a space for collective learning for training with a focus on individual and collective rights.

Through which, we strengthen capacities for the leadership of Indigenous Women as bearers of traditional knowledge and in Human Rights.

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AYNI is our collective co-investment fund. It operates from reciprocity, solidarity, complementarity, and co-financing. It is a community initiative where FIMI contributes with technical and financial resources.

Organizations and communities contribute their resources: knowledge, languages, spirituality, time, space, to achieve a collective goal.

It is made up of these programs:

Seed and Stepping

Support Fund for Indigenous Peoples, IPAF

Leading from the South


We generate knowledge materials that contribute to the revaluation of the traditional knowledge of Indigenous Peoples and Women.


To further enable this generation, we promote investigative processes from an intercultural approach that facilitates reflective and critical inter-learning, which enhances the dialogue of knowledge, the collective construction of knowledge, and the appropriation of own teachings.The results of these investigations serve as tools for advocacy .