AYNI Indigenous Women’s Fund


“AYNI” is a Quechua/Kichua word meaning reciprocity, equality and justice from the indigenous worldview.

The AYNI Fund is FIMI’s philanthropic arm and is the first and only fund created and directed by and for Indigenous Women. It fosters an innovative intercultural philanthropy to support women of indigenous organizations and communities, co-investing human, financial and material resources with them for the promotion of the full exercise of their individual and collective rights and of their buen vivir (good living).

Since its inception, the AYNI Fund has accompanied and co-invested in more than 100 projects led by indigenous women from Asia, Africa, Latin America, North America, the Arctic and the Pacific. The Fund articulates its actions with the opportunities for international advocacy and participation, with research processes on issues of impact, and with the training processes of FIMI’s Global Leadership School for the holistic empowerment of indigenous women.

The AYNI Fund is currently co-investing with Indigenous Women through the following initiatives:


La Filantropía Intercultural Innovadora desarrollada por el Fondo AYNI de FIMI está basada en los siguientes valores:

Additionally, the Innovative Intercultural Philanthropy developed by FIMI’s AYNI Fund is based on the following strategies: Global outreach, Community experience, Accompaniment, Co-investment, Innovative strategies for paradigm change, Non-quantitative contributions, Networking