Capacity Building Program

We offer tools. With the aim of promoting the leadership of Indigenous Women, we offer a collective space for training and capacity building. Within the Global School, Indigenous Women share strategies for the defence and promotion of their individual and collective rights, which will allow them to have an influence over various spaces.

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The AYNI Indigenous Women’s Fund Program

We co-invest resources. At the Ayni Fund, we promote solidarity and the reciprocal exchange of human, financial and material resources. We support economic, environmental and social development projects that promote Well-Being, that is, the comprehensive well-being of Indigenous Peoples, in harmony with nature and the cosmos.

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Political Participation and Advocacy Program

We join forces. Through this program, we promote the political participation and advocacy of Indigenous Women and their organizations at the local, regional, national and international levels. We promote an active participation in key decision-making spaces, the fulfillment of international agreements, and the strengthening of networks of Indigenous Women.

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Research and Knowledge Exchange Program

We facilitate the exchange of knowledge. Through research with an intercultural approach, we generate materials that value indigenous ancestral knowledge and worldview. These investigations become instruments for the advocacy and future development of Indigenous Peoples and Women.

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