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The Digital Services of the International Indigenous Women’s Forum (FIMI).

The main digital platform of IIWF ( is IIWF’s digital contact point for interested parties, participants, and members of Indigenous Women’s organizations (users), in accordance with the legislation of the host country. Its primary objective is to provide a simple, consistent, and intuitive experience for accessing institutional information, processes, and digital services. This service is managed by the Communication area through the Information Technology department.

Consistent with the above, this Policy aims to inform users about the use and processing of personal information that is voluntarily provided through FIMI’s digital services (*, including other portals and services offered as subdomains.

The Board of Directors reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy to adapt it to legislative and jurisprudential developments within the framework of the host country’s laws and other amending, supplementary, and related regulations.

We recommend staying informed about the current Privacy Policy each time you use our digital services.

Through general access to, no personal data is collected without consent. However, through forms, services, inquiries, and surveys within this portal, personal data necessary for the exercise of our functions within our competencies may be required. Notwithstanding the above, in cases where information is collected for other purposes, the consent of the personal data owner will be required for its processing, and it cannot be used for purposes that have not been disclosed. The FIMI Board of Directors is the entity responsible for the personal data provided by users and may include it in personal data banks.
Personal data collected may be transferred or provided to FIMI departments for the exercise of their functions within their competencies and when necessary for the fulfillment of services, processes, claims, complaints, or other matters initiated or requested by the user. The data will be stored on cloud servers from infrastructure contracted by FIMI, with distributed flow of such personal data from the cloud infrastructure subsidiary. Additionally, FIMI ensures that the processing of your data is limited to authorized purposes, maintained confidentially, and that security measures required by International Standards on Cloud Service Use and local digital laws are implemented.

On this website, we use cookies to make our site faster. Therefore, we want to provide you with more information about them, and accordingly, you can configure your browser to be notified about the reception of cookies or to prevent their installation. Additionally, this website uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google, which allows measurement and analysis of navigation on this portal. In this regard, the information processed is anonymous, showing, for example, which pages you visit or how much time you spend on each link without revealing your identity.

What are cookies?”

Cookies are small text files placed in the browser directory of your computer or mobile device. When you visit a website, information is sent to the browser, which then creates the cookie. Each time you revisit the same website, the information stored in the cookie is accessed.

What are cookies used for?

Cookies are used for several reasons:

  • They help our website remember your preferences.
  • They assist in improving information search functionality.
  • They help monitor the performance of the website.

Essential cookies

Some cookies are essential to enable the website to function properly. This portal uses various cookies associated with the domain to record users’ visits when they connect to the website. From time to time, we will conduct tests on our website to see how our visitors respond to different design elements.

Performance cookies

Performance cookies allow us to track our website analytics. It is highly beneficial for us to know how many visitors we receive, where they are visiting from, which are the most popular pages, which posts receive the most views, and what time of day has the fewest visitors (so we know the best time for maintenance).

In compliance with current regulations, appropriate legal, organizational, and technical measures have been adopted to ensure the security of personal data, preventing its alteration, loss, unauthorized processing, or access. In this regard, personal data will only be processed if stored in repositories that meet the security conditions required by information security regulations, personal data protection, and cloud service use at FIMI.

Individuals who have provided their personal data may exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation, and opposition, to prevent the provision of their personal data, to object to the processing, or to request the fair treatment of data, in accordance with the terms set forth in the current legislation of the hosting jurisdiction.

To exercise these rights, citizens must send their request to the email address with the subject “Protection of Personal Data”, providing their details, proving their identity, and stating the reasons for their request.

If you consider that your rights have not been addressed, you may file a complaint with the National Authority for Personal Data Protection.

The FIMI Board of Directors reserves the right to modify its Privacy Policy in the event of changes in current legislation, doctrine, or jurisprudence. The Board of Directors may make modifications and corrections to this Privacy Policy.

If any changes are made to this policy, the new text will be published on the platform. Please check this document regularly to review any changes that may have occurred and how they may affect you.

La présente politique de confidentialité n’est pas garantie pour les accès via des liens vers ce site, ni pour les liens à partir de ce site vers d’autres portails autres que le domaine

Users are informed that the protection of their personal data is guaranteed only while they remain within the organization’s website and not when they navigate to other sites through links provided therein or originating from a different domain than

We inform you that the entity responsible for collecting, protecting, and processing or using the personal data you provide to us is FIMI, a civil association, located at Av. Horacio Urteaga 534-203, Jesús María (Lima 11), Peru.