FIMI Leadership Award 2020

Indigenous Women in the Global South suffer first-hand from the impacts of the climate crisis. But far from resigning ourselves to this, we stand as the main carers of our environ- ment, natural resources and livelihoods in our communities, in harmony with Mother Nature. Since 2003, the International Indigenous Women’s Forum (FIMI-IIWF) has awarded the ‘Leadership Award’ in recognition of women or Indigenous Women’s collectives who through their work, commitment and responsibility achieve significant changes in their own or other communities. In 2020, we are dedicating the FIMI Leadership Award to the protection and defence of Mother Nature. Three Indigenous Women’s organisations have stood out for their perseveran- ce, collective efforts and leadership to ensure forests remain forests, rainwater continues to create life and extractive industries are kept at bay from their territory: the Paran Women Group from Kenya (Africa), the Aguaruna-Huambisa Council from Peru (Latin America and the Caribbean) and the Cambodia Indigenous Women’s Working Group (Asia). These are their success stories to date, as their struggle is ongoing. Nevertheless, recog- nition represents a spur to persist. Moreover, the ‘Leadership Award’ seeks for Indigenous Women’s organisations around the world to find inspiration in, share, continue or undertake collective struggles: Leadership stories

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