Sharing Progress to Face New Challenges

Throughout FIMI’s 20 years of history, we have fostered and participated in various spaces where indigenous women have manifested our struggles and aspirations for dignified lives, with full rights of participation and decision-making regarding our destiny and that of our peoples.

Along this path, some women leaders of the world began to reflect on the need to weave a global network to unite and articulate us around our own identity, so as to strengthen our capacity to make proposals and influence international policies that directly affect our lives.

Thus, in 2008 took place the first International Indigenous Women’s Forum, an event that was an important part of the origins of FIMI, with participation mostly from organizations of the Americas. The event was held in Peru and responded to the need to strengthen this broad, representative and inclusive space. FIMI is the result of the sum of processes built by the indigenous networks and leaderships from local to international spaces, where each entity has its own organizational and leadership identity and where we all learn from our collective lessons learned and achievements.

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