Adija Adamu

Grants Coordinator for Africa

Adija is a Mbororo Fulani Indigenous Woman from Cameroon. In addition to coordinating the Leading from the South (LFS) program, she conducts multidisciplinary research on the problems of Indigenous Peoples in Africa. 

She worked as a project consultant with the African Indigenous Women’s Organization (AIWO) in French West Africa, and as a program coordinator for AIWO in South Africa. In addition, she has attended many professional conferences related to the issues of Indigenous Peoples.

She has a degree in international politics and in modern English literature. She also holds a certificate in Indigenous Peoples’ rights from the University of Pretoria and a certificate in human rights mechanisms from the Global Leadership School of Indigenous Women. She is pursuing a master’s degree in international politics. 

Adija speaks English, French and Fulani. She enjoys participating in community activities, and reading about political and social issues. She cares about education, the environment, political consciousness, and the economic empowerment of women.