Margarita Antonio

FIMI Ayni Fund Coordinator

Margarita is an Indigenous Woman from the Miskitu people, from the Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast. Over the past years, she has dedicated her energies to working with Indigenous Women and helping them to express themselves, in defence of their individual and collective rights, justice and equality. 

She studied journalism and anthropology, and worked for years in radio, press and television. She established communication initiatives in her native region and joined several local, national and international networks. Before joining the FIMI family, Margarita worked as director of communications at the URACCAN University, as an official at UNESCO, and as a consultant to various international agencies and organizations. From a very young age, she learned four languages: Miskito, her mother’s tongue; Creole, her father’s tongue; Spanish, at school; and, later, English. Growing up, she brought this interpreting ability to activism, because Margarita believes in the power of words as a natural way of connecting people and bringing them closer.