Sushila Kumari Thapa Magar

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Coordinator of the Ayni-FIMI Fund

Sushila is a Magar Indigenous Woman from Nepal. She has more than 15 years of experience in good governance, social and economic empowerment, and the defence and promotion of the rights of Indigenous Women and Peoples and other marginalized groups. 

She has worked with different bilateral organizations, NGOs and networks in multicultural settings with multiple stakeholders. Through these experiences, she has demonstrated that the participatory management of natural resources can contribute to improving living standards, gender equality and sustainable development. 

Sushila trained as a forester at university and has a master’s degree in mountain forestry from BOKU University in Viena, Austria. She also recognizes the importance of the ancestral knowledge transmitted to her by other Indigenous Women leaders and local communities, which inspire and encourage her to keep fighting for social justice.

She enjoys hiking, photography, reading, and exploring new places, cultures, and peoples.