Uraon, Munda, Kharia and Santal peoples

Organization: Torang Trust

Participant: Vasavi Kiro

Country: India

In an effort to address the issues of migration patterns and trafficking of the Uraon and Munda Indigenous Women in India, this project aimed to inform women of their rights, and to build and strengthen a network called the Indigenous Women’s Network of India (I-WIN). 

Surveys were conducted with Indigenous Women from five local groups across different villages to collect data on the reasons why women migrate, as well as on their experiences with domestic work. A training of trainers was then carried out in collaboration with a local university, focusing on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 16, COVID-19 and its impact on indigenous communities, and the need to legislate for the protection of domestic workers. The project also ended up involving the Kharia and Santal peoples.