Dusun People

Organization: Community Organization Partners (PACOS Trust)

Participant: Rojieka Mahin

Country: Malaysia

This project was born in response to the government’s plan to build a dam on the territory where the Dusun People live in Malaysia, threatening them of evictions and loss of livelihoods. The program set out to empower Indigenous Women to lead decision-making, especially around climate issues and conflict resolution. 

The proposal included a women’s leadership workshop on the topic of peace and conflict resolution in the town where the dam was to be built. The objectives of the workshop were to raise awareness of women’s rights, to identify some conflict resolution mechanisms, and to highlight the role of women at the community level. The workshop trained 23 women from five villages. 

The program also included a visit by 24 participants to the site where the dam would be built, to teach them about its impact and consolidate their sense of solidarity. Finally, a webinar on women and leadership was held with 216 participants, as well as a gender training for 17 community organizers.