Lenca People

Organization: Asociación de productoras Flores del café, Honduras, C.A

Location: municipalities of San José, Marcala and Santa Elena in the department of La Paz, Honduras

This innovative initiative set out to address two of the main challenges faced by the Lenca Women: maintaining a healthy diet and participating in the generation of income for the family. 

To achieve this, the program investigated and applied technologies for crop diversification on the farms. The products then went through a traditional process, gaining added value before being offered to local and national clients through the store built with the support of AINY funds. The members thus became more creative in developing safe, healthy products without additives. The sales allowed the families to generate more income, contributing to family health using ancestral processing and conservation methods.

The 17 women beneficiaries of the program increased their self-esteem and leadership skills through the associative process, strengthening their identity for collective development, working together, promoting unity and other values that strengthen governance. Furthermore, they achieved all of this by including their family members in the work at home, on the farm and in the community.