Idoma People

Organization: Adinya Arise Foundation

Participant: Violet Ohighu Ocheikwu

Country: Nigeria

In Nigeria’s Benue state, the Idoma Indigenous People is striving to preserve its language in the face of the globalization trends that threaten it. To stimulate their preservation efforts, this project offered workshops, training sessions and dialogues in the mother tongue. 

The project culminated in a two-day gathering where 50 community members participated. During the gathering, a platform for the dissemination and exchange of traditional Idoma knowledge was created, the integration of the language in daily activities was encouraged, and the participants had the opportunity to develop various skills. 

The participants also received tools so they could share the knowledge acquired during the training with other members of the community. A space was opened for the exchange of experiences, the study of the history, ethics and values of the Idoma People, the development of key life skills, and conversations on issues of sexual health and education. 

As part of the project, four apprentices were selected among the participating youth so they would continue to practise weaving the traditional Idoma attire. Advocacy work was also conducted with community stakeholders, such as the government’s Director of Youth and Sports, who was happy to incorporate the project’s objectives into their own activities.