Prepare to Connect, Engage, and Contribute: 5 Key Actions to Participate in the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues

The United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues is a crucial platform where Indigenous Peoples from around the world can influence international policies and practices that directly impact their lives and futures. This body provides advice on indigenous issues, promotes integration and coordination within the UN system, and oversees the implementation of the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

The next session will be held from April 15 to 26, 2024 in New York, focusing on "Enhancing Indigenous Peoples’ right to self-determination: emphasizing the voices of Indigenous youth."

Below, we offer you five strategic actions to enhance your participation, both in-person and digitally, expanding our voices from local to global:

Get Informed

Build Collectively

  • Connect with organizations, delegates, and participants attending the Forum. Expand your network and connect with other participants and organizations. Follow the organizations that are promoting or participating in side events or in the General Assembly.

Participate in Sessions and Side Events

  • Various side events have been prepared alongside the General Assembly, both in-person and remotely.
    Here is the calendar prepared by DOCIP. You can add the calendar to your Google account and have the information more accessible and updated.
    You can also watch the live stream of the General Assembly and some side events from UN Web TV, the official video platform of the UN. Here you can watch the coverage live and on demand from anywhere and at any time, in various languages.

Dialogue and Connect

Share your thoughts, participate and learn from others on social media. Use and follow relevant hashtags to stay updated and participate in online discussions.
Here are some suggestions:

#UNPFII2024 #UNPFII #WeAreIndigenous #LandBack #IndigenousWomen #IndigenousPeoples
Follow and mention the official accounts of the Forum on social media platforms Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
Follow our accounts on social media and tag us in your posts about your advocacy actions. We would love to see and share your contribution! FIMI’s Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Post-Event Follow-Up

  • After the UNPFII, continue to follow the discussions and recommendations that emerged. Participate in workgroups or committees that are formed and keep in touch with the new contacts and networks you have developed.

Your active and strategic participation in the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues can make a significant difference in promoting the rights of Indigenous Peoples globally. Use these five strategic actions not only to broaden your impact but also to contribute to a more inclusive and equitable future.

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