Wapichan People

Organization: Municipality of Aishalton

Participant: Inmaculada Casimero

Country: Guyana

In an effort to address the important social issues in their communities, this project worked with Wapichan women so they could find creative solutions to critical issues and actively participate in decision-making processes. 

The project involved a series of six training sessions across various communities. These sessions empowered women to know their rights under national and international law, understand the key issues that need to be addressed in their communities, and develop their leadership and public speaking skills. They focused on issues ranging from gender and human rights to children’s rights, domestic violence and sexual abuse. They thus provided tools to face such challenges, leading to higher rates of formal participation. 

The proposal also targeted some male village leaders to educate them on the prevention of domestic violence and encourage them to change their associated behaviours. The training sessions were facilitated by local Wapichan women, reaching 201 women and 8 men.