Institutional Strengthening of Indigenous Women in Malaysia
Learning our Language Through our Way of Life
Mentoring and Empowerment of the Nuba Youth
Strengthening and Continuously Transforming Ourselves
Indigenous Women Learning About Conservation From their Peoples in New York
Engaging Indigenous Tiv Women in Defence of their Mother Tongue
Strengthening the Sociocultural Identity of the Idoma Indigenous People to Encourage Transmission in the Mother Tongue
Bila Kainkanka” Esperanza
Beijing + 25 Review Process of 2020
Silk Knots
Educational Program for Indigenous Women
The Sengwer women of Kabolet claim their place for the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources
The Voices of Ogiek Women on the Rise
Training and Capacity Building for the Empowerment of Indigenous Women in Ololunga Narok County
The Power of the Law in the Hands of Indigenous Women
Awareness and action (2A) for the human rights of Indigenous Women, peace, justice and institutional strengthening
“Na ka Mei Ram-ew sha u Khra” (Khasi language) / Mother Earth to the Stew Pot Project
Awakening our Roots
Health Store
Building Awareness and Leadership and Other Skills for Wapichan Women
Training of two Pacific Women’s Organizations: I Hagan Famalao’an Guåhan (IHFG), Inc. and Pacific Indigenous Women’s Network (PIWN), Inc.
Wewene Zhechkewe
Kimün tami küme mongen / Wisdom for Well-Being
Empowering Indigenous Women and Girls to break the silence against all forms of violence and exclusion
Norfeleal ka pu kona taiñ kume felen / Justice Entity and Guardians of Well-Being
Diversifying family nutrition in the Mapuche Cayún community through local food production